Phil’s origin story… Mouse Raised by a Cat 408

First half, I’m like, “What the hell am I watching?” But then I was like, dang, this emotional and delightful. Props to all the work put into this 👍I used to watch this with my grandma,S he is probably now watching all alone on a happy place above me 😢This is so sweet. Beautifully made, but I dont like the sad parts.😃 Thank-you.❤I can’t imagine how long it must take to time their behavior right when there are multiple animals on the scene. Great work as always! 👍Love your imagination and dedication!Dude I feel terrible for that cat, nobody wanted to buy him and then he got into a box and nearly hit by a boat, fell down a waterfall and got raised by his natural enemies. I love all the animals,kittens,mice,hamsters,birds,etc. This is such an adorable video 💕💕💕👍👍👍Omg this literally made me cry I swear this is very good!keep up the work!💗when Michael putted two balloons and a box to let his family leave, it was so touching!I was crying lol.This video has SOOOOOOOOOO much effort put into it, wish I could see a sequeli love this if i was here i wouldve adopted it 🥺 and can we all bless the mouses for taking care of them 😭I find it so sad that he didn’t get chosen he is the most sweetest little guy I have ever seen and his meows are just beautiful and I cried when we fell down the cliff but he stayed strong and just kept going and I’m so happy with how that man just cared for him but if I was there I would definitely adopt him 😢❤😭

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