Owners are CRYING, you are LAUGHING! – Funny ANNOYING & TROUBLEMAKING CATS CATS are so sweet and cute but sometimes they can be real pain in the neck! Look how these cats annoy their owners and make trouble. Bad for owners but fun for you! Bet you will laugh super har 538

Knew that my big male Maine cat was somewhere inside but I didn’t know where and I started to look everywhere but couldn’t find it -eventually found it inside a kitchen cupboard rolled up neatly inside the biggest saucepan -I couldn’t stop laughing it was so cute! Both of my cats were strays, Buddy was a true feral cat, he was about 6 months old when he started showing up in the evenings to eat. As soon as he would see me he would dash away. After 3 months of feeding him every evening he started to trust me, so I put his food on my porch one evening to see what he would do, after about 15 minutes of howling and complaining he came up on my porch and started eating. He has not left since, and that was 4 years ago, now he follows me everywhere. About a year later someone dropped off a beautiful female tiger cat that I named Miss Kitty, she is the most loveable cat I have ever known, she will fall asleep on your shoulders and purrs so loud you could use her purr as an alarm

. They both are outside cats, but when it rains, or when it’s cold they will scratch at my window to come in, and they pretty much stay close by when they are out and about. I have 3 cats in my place at morning they sleep all day, And at evening they’re starting playing and playing and playing. I can’t sleep but I LOVE THEM.

This would drive me crazy ! Fine line between being playful and wreaking havoc in your home. I love this sweet video , as its so cute when they get into all kinds of trouble, even though they dont mean to .My loving little daughter Pookie , is a perfect example of this . She climbs on things , and sometimes knocks them over runs & around the house like crazy leaping and prancing and bouning off the walls and doors and she thinks my hand is a toy when i have a pen in it she also tries to grab it and loves playing with my hand under the blanket and also goes wild when she hears me scatch the bathroom door, she wants to see whose behind it . I have so much fun with her Funny And Cute Cat And Kitten Videos , may the Precious Lamb of God bless you kind people richly and always for this sweet heartwarming video that melted my heart as it made my day , and that everyone can learn from.



my cat is always tring to catch my attention and I am not able to do my studies properly because of her cuteness ,he is very cute

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