Old Man Cuddles The Kitten That Survived The Fire, Because It’s All He Has Left bu bu 695

This was both heartbreaking and heartwarming at the same time…… Heartbreaking because of the elderly man losing his home in the first place…… Yet, heartwarming at the same time because he had a helpless little kitten to love and cuddle, and that gave him a reason to keep on living…… And now they have a new home together where they can enjoy many days and nights of love and cuddles. how did a 1:35 minute video just destroy me. i’m so glad that the man and the kitten are safe, and that the community came together to help the man. i truly hope that they are both living happy lives together now, even with all that was lost.What a heartbreaking experience for anyone, but especially for a vulnerable, elderly person. How good to know though, that he and kitty were able to survive. No doubt, there were many things the poor man lost in the fire, probably photos and other things that are important to us, things that connect us to our history. But at least he and his kitty survived, and it seems the community pulled together to help this person in need of TLC. How good to know he and kitty now have a new home. But most importantly: he knows there are those who care. Hooray!!!Bless the community for helping an elderly member of the community to get his life back together with a friend and companion of his ! Bless all involved for caring!VERY touching story.!! Ali has a humane heart and his kitty is GORGEOUS!! Some drop their pets but for Ali the kitten is the most precious asset he has!!! Love also that kind people help both of them! I can guess this happened in Turkey, people are VERY kind I hate that they both went through this horrible ordeal. I couldn’t have been happier when I realized that they both stayed together after the fire, Ali took the cat to his new home, and I was so relieved. Things could have turned out a lot worse for them both but, thankfully, they each pulled through it and stayed together, the fact that they both walked away w their lives is a gift and having each other, a blessing.:chillwcat::shelterin:Heart wrenching and heart warming at the same time . It reduced me to tears, seeing this lovely gentleman being so grateful, so caring and loving for his kitten. You can see how he truly was so happy and most of all, relieved.Bless him and the people that helped him

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