oh my cat!! 🐈So sweet and so sweet . Thank you for sharing this happiness 206

This made me smile from beginning to end inside and out  and the music went VERY well with it too So cute. That sweet patient dog at the end trying to let the cute kitten know his mouth isn’t a feeding station. What a good doggie  Loved the cat claiming the pup from the big dog. Started licking it. And the girl teaching the cat to write. The cat’s expression was priceless. LOVE the little girl showing her cat how to write!! Just showed my husband this video, it’s hysterical!! Watching all the animals together is so sweet, then came that patient kitty colouring with a toddler. Pets are amazing and wonderful. Thank you for this uplifting post. I smiled through this whole video. It was like a little oasis in the middle of a crazy world.One thing I’ve been noticing on animal clips is that families seem to choose mostly color coordinated dogs and cats. The little girl with the cat reminds me of a story my wife tells of having a tea party and dressing up kittens in doll clothes. I bet the kittens hated that experience. I think we still have some victorian children’s books with cats dressed up. The cat who stole all the catnip is now in rehab These creatures are cute and make anyone happy These are the funniest I’ve seen. Had me on the floor. This video was beautiful Thank you for posting

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