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An Obese Dachshund Loss 50 Pounds! A Facebook page is promoting a dieting plan for the dog that lost 50 pounds. Originally weighing 77 pounds, Obie now weighs a trim 50 pounds. During her diet, she’s eliminated almost every possible food group. A healthy diet will ensure her dog stays thin, and her Facebook page is full of motivation. Obese Dachshund Loss 50 Pounds! – It’s Amazing! This Dachshund lost 50 pounds in less than a year! During that time, she had to go through many physical challenges, including back pain. Her back became more prone to injury due to a large belly. She was eventually adopted by Nora Vanatta in August 2012, who put her on a special diet and exercise plan. She had a tummy tuck, which removed the excess skin. Today, she’s only a little over 1st 9lbs! In just over a year, Obie has lost fifty pounds! His weight is back to the normal amount for a dachshund, and he has remained that way for over a year. You can follow the dog’s progress on Facebook and Twitter to stay updated on her new diet and exercise program. This story is inspiring and will make you want to follow Obie’s adventures.

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