My Dogs Fall In Love With Our Baby | The Full Story 314

Our dogs fall in love and become best friends with our baby, the full story! Our dogs love our little baby girl! French Bulldogs Griffin and Haru are best friends with our newborn baby and are growing up together with our baby. This is the full story of how our dogs came to love our baby. From when they met our newborn baby for the first time to now our baby being 3 months old!They have the sweetest dog baby relationship. Hope yo enjoy today’s video, sorry if you tear up, this is the sweetest cutest dog baby video! His face when your baby kicked! And the smile when he first met… just so beautiful! Love the comedic commentary! Thank you for sharing with us! 🙏🏻🙏🏻💓 This made my day. Sienna’s hair 😄 …the way her eyes engage with the things around her…and Haru’s unwavering devotion to her. 😍💖 Can’t believe how she has grown. So absolutely adorable. Thanks so much for sharing your babies 👶🐶🐶!🥰 Idk if Haru blinks a lot, but my first thought was that she was so sleepy from the long watches she had been through! The relationship between a human and a dog (or animal in general) can reach limits that no one who’s never experienced it could explain❤️ Love Haru so much 💓💓 I’m sure Griff is ok but Haru gets me every time I see her face. She is special 💓 Sending love & hugs from Wales, UK. They know how to connect on a level of pure energy! The dog was giving and receiving love energy to and from the child that was still in the womb! It was also telling the child: “Look, I don’t want any trouble from you once you get here! I’m here to PROTECT you,oK?!” lol 😇 I’m pretty sure Griffin’s outburst in the beginning was because he was expecting a ballie, not a sister 😂🤣 And Haru is such a precious little doggy 🥰 Haru is just like my girl Candace- the perfect, calm, loving nanny~ and has same exact color coat! aw!! Your Sienna is so precious and your videos are so funny! Love the interpreting you do of your dogs thoughts. You’re so smart. Xoxox, Elle 💗💗 Wait until she starts crawling and is able to interact with them … Gonna be fun to watch them !! 👶 🐕 🐕 ❤

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