My Dogs Do Weird Things(video) 1,235

Todd’s little roll in the end was so cute haha, I just can’t get enough of these adorable fur babies
I love how much personality they have, u can’t get many dogs like that and I just think that’s adorable
The whole time thing. It’s going fast. Todd was half his present size when we met him. It’s a joy to see the two of them – so much love and floof.
I just love Tucker and Todd so much! They are both hilarious and adorable!! Todd’s roll at the end was soo cute and funny!
Oh my gosh! His little flip at the end! So cute!!! And by the way, Congratulations on your new little family member! Precious moments! I’d love to see some throw back pictures of Tucker at the same age that his son is now. That would be fun.

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