Mother cat’s hug is so intense 3,323

Kiki is looking much stronger now and her character and curiousity are beginning to develop, I’m sure she will be fine as long as she can survive being licked to death by her mother.Kiki is much more alert now and wants to explore whereas Mimi wants to play and hug her baby. It’s so cute !!!!Thank you for no music in this one. It’s really nice to just hear natural sounds of the kitties and the house for a change Kiki’s mobility is starting to develop—does she get any chance to move on flat surfaces? I love how Mimi is teaching Kiki how to play since she doesn’t have any siblings. VERY cute little family! Love them!This is amazing  Kiki on the move and hearing her voice, Wow! Mimi wants to play but Kiki has other ideas, she wants to explore and find a playmate her size! The fact that cats and all animals are hyper aware & active in keeping each other clean is, in & of itself, amazing.. The care that this Mama Cat takes of her kitten is nothing short of beautiful. The natural care taking instincts inherent in animals and human beings is one of this earth’s pure miracles.Poor Kiki! She is desperate to know what lies beyond The Box, but her little legs won’t let her peek over the rim. Her heart issue hasn’t dented her curiosity in the slightest- she’s eager to explore… if only she could get out of that darned Box!

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