Mother Cat Calls For Help At The Door 3,163

I love how she gave each one a bit of attention before going back for the next baby mamãe gata pedindo ajuda com seu filhote que coisa tão linda , até os animais proteje , seus filhos , tem gente que esqueci do amor pelo os seus.One of the most beautiful things in the world is the love and care a mother cat has for her kittens. It’s amazing how natural motherhood comes to them. What a good little mother she is. I hope they stay safe. It’s always so heartwarming to see a kind hearted human let a mama cat care for her babies in his/her house What a lovely momma cat, she’s so kind and friendly, all the cats looked content which says a lot about their carer  What a great Mama Cat she is. At first I thought there was only the one kitten. But no…she kept bringing her babies indoors. This video is so cute and sweet! Thank you for sharing!  i love how at the end she checks if there’s anymore babies like she doesn’t know exactly how many she has We forget animals love their babies as much as we love ours. A sweet, good mother. I hope she and her babies have a long, happy, and secure life.I love how she grooms and settles with each one for a little bit before she leaves to go get the next one Legend says if you listen closely on a quiet night you can still hear her going back to get more cats until all the stray kitties in the world are home. Beautiful cat. And such a good mother. And to the person harbouring that mother and 5 sweeties : thank you.

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