Most Adorable Dad Cat Ever 431

The dad was trying to educate the kittens that he loves them but he is not their milk machine. Too cute and too funny! I’ve never seen a daddy cat be so involved with his kids before. Really adorable. Do you suppose he ever asks himself “hey, why isn’t either of these kitties orange?!” Awwww, he’s looking after his mate! How adorable! He’s absolutely a true father! He looks after the kids as well! What a precious adorable Dad he is. Those babies aren’t going to have ‘father issues’ when they grow up! This guy spent more time with his kids on this video than my dad with me for my entire life lol Daddy “Are you sure these are mine? Well, they ARE pretty cute. Come to daddy baby, I’ll show you a headlock move” Happy Father’s Day to all the Dads! Totally love this adorable video, showing all that affection to his babies while letting Mom relax!! xoxo He is an adorable dad cat!This video makes my day! Sending lots of love and blessings to all cat families! Mom kittie telling Dad cat, thank you for helping out so I can have some me time. I love this. What a fine feline family!

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