Mom bites the kitten and asks for help 21,330

Thank you to the subscribers who found this video, and the first time you saw the video, you have a lot of questions about the harness, so we will answer as a subscriber who watched it. This is a house that has been raised in the house since the late childhood, not a yard hunt because it is sickly. After the Holy Sepulchre.. This is the best app I’ve ever had in my life, but I can’t wait to see if I have any problems with this app.. And there are those who are worried about spaying,but this tricolor who gave birth can not be captured, and the yard hunters are mercifully spaying.. I remember walking home at night and a cat just started following me all the way back home. I decided to give her water and some food that night. The next day she came back and had kittens crawling around the front door. She basically was asking me for help and Im happy I listened! I love how she brings her kitten and before getting another she stays with them for a couple minutes to calm them down the get another kitten this made my day Surprised nobody mentioned this but she also seemed like a very freindly cat, meowing at the others as she went by for almost every trip. Very sweet cat.

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