Mama Dog Reunited with her Stolen Puppies… She is Crying from Happiness 211

My best friend in high school had an adorable rottie with the weirdest obsession for deodorant! If you were wearing any, you’d have to clamp your arms to your sides just to keep him from sticking his whole face in your armpits sniffing like mad. I am extremely ticklish so I used to scream and try to run from him with my arms clamped tightly to my sides. Let’s just say I looked really ridiculous but I still loved that dog.  We were given a ten week old Rottweiler from our friends who were breeders. Otto was a gentle giant. All of our neighbors were in love with him, they’d let him in their homes and give him new toys and treats. Absolutely the best 13 years of our lives My neighbour’s Rottie is the same. Softie, a cutie and derpy. He always would get excited when my mom and I come home. And she’s right. It’s how you raise them. Also they forget they are over a 100 pounds. I remember my neighbour’s rottie would try to sit on my lap and I’m around 100 pounds and the first thought, it isn’t the teeth that will kill me. Its big boi. .My girl has been gone 6 yrs now , and I still miss her everyday. They leave such a mark on your heart. The rotties are very special & they get a bad rap. You are blessed to have him in your life. When you were talking about him knowing how you feel and it’s like he can see right through you. You were rubbing underneath his jaw and @ first he was like awww then he just started smiling. I loved it! He is a big baby.🐕🐾🐾 Awww, this us beautiful. He is so wonderful and gorgeous. Every Rottie i have ever met has been so loving , and absolutely wonderful. This video made me cry, happy tears. Thank you for sharing, you all are blessed to have so such a loving fur angel, and he is blessed to having such loving parents.

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