Making friends with stray cats will make you happy. 865

lasst es euch schmecken ihr süssen Kätzchen Dankeschön an die liebenswerte Familie von Abdou , die dies all möglich macht….

Gott beschütze Sie ‍♀️☄So beautiful the cat’s were so happy to see you guy’s and the baby what both of you are doing for these beautiful babies is a blessing God Blessed you and your family always ❤️❤️I always love seeing all those happy cats running towards you with tails held high when you arrive. That would definitely put a smile on my face. It looks like they are putting a smile on Lojayn’s face too! Ahhhhh…… Your daughter is so beautiful. The cats are absolutely precious. Thank you for teaching your daughter to love animals and caring for God’s creatures.The cats come running excitedly and great you with a meowing concert… So sweet your little sunshine is surrounded by a lot of cats.. So she learns kindness and compassion for the animals ❤ all the best for you and your family Hajar and Abdou and for the cats.they look so hungry thank you for feeding them with delicious food ❤❤❤❤❤Lovely baby with amazing parents what an incredible family Thank you so much for sharing such joyful moments ☀️Thank you Abdou and Hajar for feeding so many beautiful and hungry cats! Your baby is so cute!There’s the little princess how cute is she!!! Thank you for sharing ‍⬛Lots of compassionate work ❤ I have joined to become a patreon. Thank you good friends. Blessings to you and to your adorable baby ❤

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