Maine Coon Mom Cat is on guard while watching huge German Shepherd Dog taking care after her little kittens. The cute little ones are only 6 weeks old and want to jump and play around endlessly. 2,229

This was so relaxing to watch 😍 Just lovely 💖💖💖All those kittens are beautiful, especially the ones with coats similar to their mom.

The Shepard is keeping tabs on the little one’s.😁😁The little kiss and pawing between mum and dog was so sweet, it’s like she’s saying ” look what I did, are you proud of me “? Coonies are so good with other animals, the video made me find my coonie boy and cuddle while we watched together.Mom is beautiful!! And the little ones omg!!! Yeah thanks for sharing :)I would love to get a Maine Coon, especially with the mother’s colors What a beautiful mama cat. I would have named her Autumn because her coat looks like fall colors. Her kittens are super adorable too! And I love the GSD :).Too much cuteness! I love how the kittens have a miniature track ball toy 😹 Didn’t know they came in that size.Beautiful kittens!! The German Shepherd is so watchful and attentive. Awesome video!! 😻😻❤️🖖✌️Cuteness overload. I love the yellow one. I had two yellow babies that grew up to now be fat fluff balls ❤️Fluffy little furballs darting around.What a great way to get my spirits up before going to work. 🙂

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