Lonely Truck Driver Adopts Abandonded Cat And Now He’s His Official Co Pilot 598

This is such a wonderful story! Thanks for rescuing this bеautiful baby! 💛Its a damned hard thing to lose a pet. It hurts. To find..by chance, a new companion is one of lifes great gifts. Happy for both of you! May you have many years together.When I was young, you hardly ever saw men talk or care about cats. Now I see it all the time. It’s one of the best things I have seen change from my youth. ❤cats❤So glad Paul and Percy found each other. I’m sure Howie approves.❤I have no family left; all have passed on. But, I don’t live alone. I have 2 senior dogs, 2 middle aged cats , all who were rescued. I also have a 25 year old parrot and a juvenile ball python. My life is very full of all sorts of family! Oh I’m so glad Percy was still in the truck!! I almost thought he was lost forever but a true love story is never lost 💕What a great rescue story! Thank you, Trucker! Be safe out there OTR the both of you! 👍🙏❤I sooo love it when a good story comes ALIVE. I am 62 and that makes me feel 7 years old, I got much more than I deserve by watching this video. Respect and gratitude to both entities 🙏🙏🙏😇😇😇❤️❤️❤️😁🦁Boy, I’m a sucker for a good cat story. The tears are welling up, so happy for these two guys. And so glad I found my little Winky to keep me company.Awesome story, thank you Paul for stepping up to bring a pretty cat like Percy into your life need more people like you,we cat lovers must stick together, be safe out there on the roads my brother, thank you again 👍😃😀🇺🇲 This is a really heartwarming story, makes my eyes wet. I hope they have a great time tоgether!Thank you so much for loving this beautiful creature ❤Awww! LOVE this!!! ♥️ Howie and Percy are special friends indeed!Besties. So happy for both of them. Sometimes all you need is a good friend ❤Percy’s face though @ 1:30 !!

What a lovely story! Glad Paul decided to get another fur baby – from a shelter. So many pets need good homes. They need us, but in the end… sometimes we need them more!

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