little paws teach big paws, give good reactions 418

I love how the cats are gentle with the young puppies, but not the big boys I couldn’t stop replaying the clip at 6:10. I’ve never seen a dog lose it’s confidence so fast. Grew up believing dogs chase cats.watched this video“Years of academy training wasted!” The cat with that cool.landing on that water skate is amazing af. When these two grow and live together, they really remind me any “elder brother and younger sister” relations. They poke another most of the time, tease, sometimes fight: but at the end of the day they LOVE each other. dogs are goofy boyfriends while cats are moody girlfriends. I guess what we learn after watching this is that cats never avoid a fight, even when the competitor is bigger ^ LOLOLOL….ALL TIME FAVE!!!!!! LOL. What a fun watch. Thanks so much. Good work! My cat is at the top of the chair back and has been watching along with me. LOL Lol I think it’s the way people who own cats raise their cats. I’ve had two cats actually and I’ve raised them well. The second cat, I’ve had him since he was first born and I always taught him verbally to be nice around people (and pets, specifically dogs.) I’ve given him the love and care he’s needed and he’s turned out just fine. He can lounge around with other dogs and he’ll let anyone hold him. I think people are just super misinformed about how cats are but idk, that’s just my opinion

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