Leukemia cat was languishing in shelter. This woman took him home. 288

I’m happy she went with her heart, this cat clearly wanted to be with her and she with the cat. Beautiful story! I’m so sorry for your loss, bruiser was so loved by you and that is all he needed. It makes me cry as i lost both my cats in the past year. one looked like bruiser. I know how heavy it feels when losing them .. RIP Bruiser Aww, so sorry for your loss, you gave him everything he needed and wanted those last 4 years, and getting all the other cats adopted?! You’re an incredible person ♥️ God bless your heart GeoBeats is a US-based media company focused on telling inspiring animal stories about animals from around the world. Our goal is to make people fall in love with them and promote compassion and kindness. On our channel, we feature exciting animal videos. You can watch funny cat videos, funny dog videos, cat and dog videos, animal stories, rescue animal videos, adopted animal videos and a lot more. This Lady is like an Angel on Earth .. She not only gave Bruiser a beautiful life with her, she helped all those other leukemia cats get adopted as well .. And now her children are learning how loving such cats can be and will be very compassionate adults .. Thank you, GeoBeats, for sharing this incredible rescue story 💞💞💞

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