Let’s be friends or I’ll bite you! 194

Excellent selections and composition. Nothing like cute and funny animals to start my day off with the warm fuzzies and hopefully keep it going by spreading the love throughout my day. Thank you for sharing, Thumbs up! The dog covered in stickers is hilarious…cheered me up for the whole day.  The poor dogs covered in stickers that was funny and the cat sitting up on the wooden panels looking so cool great video so entertaining thanks They break any possible things on their reach but never break  they are chubby choos  this video had me as soon as the dog jumped in the pile of leaves LOVED this pets  very FUNNY video heheehehee  , a hug from mini yorkie Yoshi au au  ils sont tous tres mignons ses animaux de claudette bordeleau. i always feel a tinge of anger when i see people letting their pets tear up their house or steal their food from the table. DISCIPLINE! Dog covered with stickers stuck to hair?? Surely this means pain when stickers are to be removed??

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