Kittens meowing (too much cuteness) – All talking at the same time! 677

I love how they don’t interrupt eachother, they all wait for their meowing turn The one who kept climbing out This sounds like childhood to me because even I’ve fostered kittens once and they would be really meowing a lot but they were honestly great to have even if it was only temporary until we found them all homes what I guess is they’re probably all still alive or not anymore I’m not sure but it would have been nice to keep getting little updates from the new owners of each kitten to see how well their adjusting to their new homes this makes my rescued momma cat go CRAZY she’s very sweet and loves babies My cat came to me when I played this! She started pacing and meowing, trying to find the kittens!  I played this for my 6-year-old cat Kiitos and he immediately started meowing back, pawing at the screen, and at one point tried to pick up my phone in his mouth. Thank you so much for sharing this! I showed this to my very maternal female cat. She started frantically looking for the kitties and when my male cat (and her best buddy) came over to see what the hullabaloo was all about, she chased him away from the phone. Protective Mommy genes > friendship I literally play this video every time my cat’s doing something she shouldn’t be and she comes running, rubbing her face all over my phone. She just wants to love them Calico kitten: ” I got places to be, don’t box me in! “The ginger kitten you picked up was my favorite, extra cute.And i like how the other ginger baby was going to sleep, ‘ all this fuss has made me tired, catch you guys tomorrow zzzz ‘  I am so grateful for this video. I had used it today to lure a lost blind kitten. Totally abandoned and injured. But I saved it and gave her to a foster care home to find a better home I have this playing on my phone. All 4 of my cats are wandering around trying to find these kittens now. It’s so cute. Lol

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