Kitten Kira came to our house by chance. Since we have a nursing cat with kittens, we were worried about how they would accept each other. Therefore, at first we kept the cats on our laps in turn. So someone else’s kitten was saturated with the scent of our kittens. Then we started the mother cat and started watching her adopt the cat. Our cat got dirty in the fireplace he likes to climb 355

I am running late for work but had to watch these sweeties Cats are awesome. And their reactions to other creatures fall into 1) I like you 2) I don’t like you, so keep your distance 3) I’m not sure about you They are so cute, lovely angels. I love cats and those who love them Every day I try to do something for the cats, feed the stray cats, find new homes for them and neuter them.I dream of a world where stray cats will live happily.I will spread this all over the world  Thank you for this extremely beautiful video. The mom cat is very good natured. The adopted kitten feels a bit uncomfortable even though the mom seemed to accept him as her own. So beautiful to watch. Very Very Best!!!! The video is so entertaining and hilarious . I love cats and dogs they are cute and fluffy (heart this if you love cats and dogs too), that is why I’m watching this channel’s videos all the time! Actually, this channel inspired me to make my own YouTube channel that is the same with this channel! Thank you! I will greatly appreciate any love and support! Peace.

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