Kitten Coco lost to carpet cleaner 6,356

I had a cat for 18 yrs that looked so much like Coco – mine was female named Murphey. One of her markings that is different was that she had pink & black toes on the same paw – all 4. She also had marks on her face like freckles.Watching Coco is almost like having her back; can’t wait to see him growing up.Ay mi Coquito precioso, que cosas mas raras y divertidas te presenta tu papi; aunque she sí se veía medio peligrosa ¡¡¡¡¡?? Tenías razón en tener cuidado. **** Eres lo mas lindo de mi día. Gracias hermoso Another adorable video and of course how can it not be with coco as the guest star he is so adorable I just love watching him and sharing in his adventures

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