Kitten Climbing Mothers Belly For Milk 421

A kitten’s natural instinct is to climb its mother’s belly for milk, but there are a few things to keep in mind to prevent it from doing so. First of all, the kitten’s intestines collapse if it doesn’t get warm enough. You shouldn’t force it, since this could result in a serious illness such as lung inhalation or drowning. Secondly, only give full-strength milk after a 24-hour period.

A newborn kitten needs 22 hours of sleep a day, but as it grows and gets older, the amount of sleep decreases. By three weeks, the kittens begin to move and socialize. You may notice the mother making strange noises or jumping around to attract her youngster. By six weeks, your kitten will be on its feet and will begin jumping and climbing. CC4C members can offer advice on feeding your kitten.

During the initial days, you should bathe your kitten every time it feeds. You can apply Desitin or Bag Balm to reduce pain and irritation. It’s a good idea to keep the litter tray clean to prevent odor. You should also add Karo syrup to the KMR if your kitten is constipated. And finally, you should always feel free to call a member of the CC4C if your kitten is having problems. No question is too insignificant to be asked.

While the mother cat’s milk supply is inadequate, supplemental feeding is an essential component of a healthy diet. When a mother cat is not available, the kitten will require a complete replacement of its milk. To feed the kitten, you can buy commercial formulas that are designed especially for this purpose. Make sure to prepare your milk replacement solution with a level measure. Avoid heaping the solution and divide the volume by the number of feeds your kitten will need

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