Kids got bored of this bunny. So she lost her family. 993

Aww, she is precious. Parents need to think before buying their children a pet. Some kids are responsible and some are not. If the kid doesn’t want the animal, parents should step up and care for them. Animals have feelings too. They are not trash. How could you ever get bored of or give away such a precious, innocent little creature. Unfathomable to me. Beautiful little bb. Ninni is so adorable..teach your kids that animals are serious responsibility and they are not a lamp shade you get tired of and toss it..sweet little soul  Humans are inhuman. They buy bunnies for their kids as Easter presents and then abandon them. But rabbits are living creatures with feelings and needs. Fortunately, Ninni found a human who was human. We had a precious little bunny named Thumper. She lived to be nearly 13 years old which is twice their normal expectancy! She was a Polish Dwarf and about 2 pounds in her prime. We took her everywhere and loved her to pieces. She died in my arms and I miss even after nearly 20 years. We bought her for our daughter who was 11 at the time and figured based on the info we had that she would probably live to about the age our daughter would leave for college (Our daughter tried to take her to college but got busted!!). So we took over her care. She loved going to the beach, was very tidy and hygienic, would jump up in our laps, loved her food and treats, ran around skipping and jumping – even after she became blind, she would tear through the house. She sure loved her life and she made our lives better! I grew up on a farm surrounded by all kinds of animals, which was great. I’ve always had a special fondness for bunnies and had 3 during that time. The parents who gave this bunny away obviously didn’t bond with her, which goes a long way to explaining why their children got bored with her. The apple often doesn’t fall far from the tree, so shame on those parents. I would love to have bunny again but I have two large cats who were ferals and they see rabbits as food. Not a good combination although, on the farm, one of my rabbits fell in love with one of our cats Awwwww !! Never thought I would be a “rabbit guy “ but here we are lol …. Thanks to you for adopting and taking care of them they are truly amazing animals… one of ours is also a lop that we rescued, the people who had him left him outside year round just in a cage and he lost his ears to frostbite. just out there by himself and despite that and how he was treated he is so sweet and loving it’s crazy .

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