I thought this kitten might die 36

I’m so glad that Mimi is looking after her little child, who appears to have gotten a rough start. She’s a good Mom and it’s interesting to see nature and instinct in action with our favorite internet Cat Mom!!During this time has been very rough on all of you. Hang in there. All of you make a very sweet family.Many people around the world are sending positive thoughts and prayers for all of you. I’m really sorry about the lost little ones  but I’m really happy for the little one who survived  I wish the little one good health and Mimi too. this little angel can give the best mommy experience to Mimi and best papa experience to Coco. And also best caregiver experience to the owner  wishes for the little kitty family They will be okay Looking at this i am amazed that the baby lasted a day. I was willing mimi to turn around and pay attention to, and care for, her kitten. Good to see that the little one is now feeding from mimi and that she is paying more attention to her newborn.Mimi is exhausted, but she protects her child who is fighting for life with all her might. I hope this sweet creature makes it, Mimi and Coco will watch over their baby and their family will help each of them. Lots of kisses

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