I had to delete my videos 510

I have one more news for you. It’s a free BGM I use with Tiny Kitten but I had to delete the video itself due to BGM’s copyright. I got this news all of a sudden and had to delete the videos I liked. It may be inevitable, but I’m so sorry. However, even if I’m depressed I can’t help it, so I’m going to change the BGM and recreate the video from scratch. As a result, there may be more video posts remastered for a while starting today. We hope viewers will enjoy the video while feeling nostalgic for Coco and Mimi from the kitten era. Of course, you can be sure that we’ll also deliver the look of soon-to-be kitten Mimi! Well then, thanks. Very sorry to hear about these copyright issues, must be very discouraging. We will be patient and grateful to see new or old re-edited videos. Coco and Mimi are beautiful no matter what. ❤

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