Husky Learns To Rock Newborn Baby In His Bouncing Chair! (Best Babysitter Ever!!) 1,789

Phil used to be able to rock Amelia in the same chair when she was just a little baby like Nathan is here. New kids on the block now so Teddy gave it a go with Nathan! I definitely think he got the idea, he just has to be careful with those monster paws of his! They truly are huge! Of course we’re not expecting Teddy to babysit sat at home with a glass of wine rocking the chair while we go out for dinner, it’s just cute to see their interactions! The dogs can sense when the children are happy, when they are sad, hungry or angry, when it’s time to play or to sleep. Its fascinating to see their bond and interactions together. Teddy is such a big dog but he is definitely the most gentle and submissive of them all, he’s a not so little angel! Make sure you subscribe to our channel and hit that bell icon for notifications

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