Husky Breaks Into Room To Cuddle Newborn Baby & Dad!! [NEEDIEST HUSKY EVER!!] 282

Aww Lola…she’s just as caring to Daisy as millie…it’s soo sweet that she’s calm near daisy❤️ Wow! That was an impressive fast leap over the gate👏👏 I give her a 10.0👌 Daisy is growing so fast. She almost looked like she was smiling when Lola tried to get her attention. Awww Daisy turned her head around to see Lola then again to not see her😂. Lola will calm down like Millie but she is still so young and curious about this hooman baby.🥰. Much Love from Ohio USA ❤️ She didn’t even need a running start 😮 Glad that all of the Huskies are getting used to Daisy🙂 I love that mum is jumping into more of the videos lately! Her voice is adorable and so is she❣ thank you for letting us into your lives💞 You demonstrate so beautifully how to live with other species, honoring them and seeing how especially sensitive and intuitive they are! Thank you so much it’s beautiful You certainly do have a house full of love! Thank you for posting, your videos are always a bright spot in my day. For a husky whose similarly needy like Millie, Lola sure is determined for attention 😊

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