How To Rescue A Stuck Kitten 1,208

When you find your kitten stuck in a wall, the first step is to find it. If possible, lure the trapped kitten out by calling with your voice or imitating other cats. If you can’t find the kitten, you can use a live cat trap baited with pungent-smelling food. Then, gently pull it out of the hole. If the trapped kitten refuses to come out, you can administer food and water.

If you cannot locate the kitten immediately, you can try calling it, and offering it food to tempt it. A cat that doesn’t meow may not be in trouble or is too weak to hang onto the wall. A kitten will be unable to stand up for a long time, but it will likely come down if you call it. You can try calling it repeatedly and if it doesn’t come down, leave food out to tempt it.

If you can’t find the trapped kitten in the tree, you can call a certified professional or volunteer from an animal rescue organization. Many cat rescue organizations also have online directories, such as the Cat In A Tree Emergency Rescue organization, which is an international directory. Other organizations that specialize in finding and rescuing stuck cats include Atypical Cat Rescue, which has a Facebook page. You can also check with the local police department.

A video on how to rescue a stuck kitten was recently released from the fire department. The rescue was made possible by the assistance of the local animal rescue agency. After attempting to free the kitten with food, the DOTD employee used his hands to gently nudge it to safety. The kitten was later evaluated by a veterinarian.

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