Homeless Ringo Puppy Follow Tourists Trying To Ask For Help – Rescue Animal 801

I really love to learn this kind of story. Kind people met stray animals, they helped and adopted them. They love each other and live happily together. Very encouraging. Wishing we human can help these animals as much as we could. Thank you for saving Ringo. I thought he would never get a nice home. You are so kind. I love animals. This is a small story of myself. It’s called ‘How I saved stray cats and dogs and got them ready for adoption.’ The story started when I was in Canada. One day, I was taking a walk when saw millions of stray cats and dogs. Some were sick, some had fleas and some were blind. I couldn’t watch these cuties die. I took all of them to my shelter. The cats and dogs were separated from each other. They all were in cages. I gave them food, water and good treatment. I took all of them to the vet every day. And finally. They were ready for adoption. All good in shape. Not even looking like stray cats and dogs. The End. And that’s my story. That’s such a beautiful and heart warming story.. And the dog is also beautiful…. GOD BLESS YOU for loving and adopting “Ringo”… And it looks like he loves you guys too……

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