Have the love of a cat is to have the world – Cute ways cats show their love for owner 490

This brings great memories of the love that me and my beloved cat Kitty have shared. I lost her to leukemia 6 years ago and I still miss her SO MUCH!!! Me and her were just crazy about each other, and she used to give me headbutts once in a while. She would lay her head on my shoulders whenever I would get sick, and when I would take a trip out of town, she would lay down on my overnight bag to let me know that she would miss me. She was the BEST cat I have ever had!!

Me and my mom had to put down our cat last sunday after 18 years she’s been with us, she had a major chronic kidney disease and a cancerous lump that started to spread her entire body, when the vet came to end her suffering he was so surprised she still hasn’t died from natural causes and hang into life. We had her since she was 2 months old, we found her as an abandoned kitty with no sign of her mother or her siblings around so we took her in and decided to take care of her. No matter how old your pet is, it’ll always remain our precious little babies, 18 years old babies. These cats are all showing those signs of care and tenderness in their hearts. Just with all pets, it’s only owners that are bad. This is a great example of gaining trust and love from any animal. Jackson Galaxy knows a lot about cats too. I have a cute ginger tabby named Mallie (said with a French-Canada accent), and she always greets me vocally and stretching her front legs up to my waist. They really are the best companion if you love cats! As adorable as this is, I had to stop it two minutes in because it was making me feel really sad. A few years ago, I had to put my cat down because he was really sick. Not a moment goes by that I don’t miss him… I miss him so much.

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