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Guy Decides To Foster A Very Pregnant Pitbull Who Needs A Home Now The pit bull is an unusual breed, with an unusual history of breeding. This unusual breeding has resulted in some rather bizarre behavioral traits, including quick anger and tenacity. Pit bulls can be dangerous because they are not particularly tolerant of pain. During an attack, the pit bull can be completely uncontrollable, and the attack could last up to fifteen minutes. Pit bulls are extremely resilient, and they are not easily deterred by kicking or hosing them down. When Pitbulls get to six months, they enter their ‘estrus’ phase. This means that they will become attracted to a female’s scent, which is very attractive to males. They will then begin to form embryos. This means that the owner of a Pitbull will have to change their Pitbull’s diet and nutrition in order to make room for the growing puppies. Pregnancy is hard on Pitbulls, and it can be difficult to care for them. It’s important to watch the stress level of the Pitbull while it’s pregnant, and to make sure she gets plenty of exercise. Stress can affect the number of pups the Pitbull will have, so it is important to keep stress levels at a minimum. A typical Pitbull will have four to six pups, though some can have more. Meet Goober! This sweet and goofy pup is a great companion. He loves cuddling and playing with humans. He loves to go for walks and enjoys car rides. He dislikes baths. Despite his size, he’s a remarkably loving and affectionate dog.

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