Guy Adopted a Stray Kitten, But He Didn’t Expect Him To Be So Gratefu 230

A guy once adopted a stray 3-month-old kitten. He wanted to help the lonely animal find a home, and he ended up with a gift that he himself wouldn’t trade for anything. I have a smile on my face & tears welling up in my eyes. May Butters & his Daddy have many many great years together My oldest (almost 2) hugs me like that and wants to be held like a baby. I’ve had her since she was 2 days old. My son gets very jealous, because Grace hugs me while we sleep . The other two cats do not hug. What a nice cat very sweet and loving cats are the best even when they are mad at you they still love you no matter what you have a friend for life and yes they are family as well I have cats too 12 of them they are my babies and I love them up the irons maiden manicI love these videos, but you don’t need somebody narrating, especially when her affect is completely flat and actually takes away from the video. Accent the right words, and use the correct inflection in order to make it better.

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