Guinness World Records😂!Can two kittens take better care of chicks than chickens? 765

Those beautiful cats take care of those babies better than the mother hen.

Looks like the chicks feel more warmth and comfort from the kitties.I love

those kitties how the cuddle the baby chicks.❤.They love those babies to the moon and back!😻😻😻😻I have never seen such an adorable little video with those little cute chicks and the those cats that is absolutely like to die for like that is the cutest video everWooahh this is too much ❤ can’t handle this overload of cuteness!! My hearttt I can’t❤ Doesn’t surprise me! Cats are the most beautiful creatures, more caring than you think ❤😻Hi

This family of 🐈 raising baby chicks 🐥should be front page news 🗞️!

This is what the world will return to – as it was in the beginning so shall it be again! They are a couple of snuggle bunniesThis seems really cute, but apparently the chicks want to cuddle in maternal softness and warmth, and find that more in the kitten than their actual mother, whose feathers are prickly compared to the kitten. Isn’t it a bit sad for the hen that’s deprived of cuddling with her offspring? She does look seriously left outSoft and warm! I wish am a chick at the moment 😊. I wonder if Rooster dad csn do this epic chore!😍Imagine the following conversation:

Hen: why are you preening my kids?

Cat: coz you’re busy eating!

Hen: what shall i do then?

Cat: watch and learn. 😊You are a lucky person for having such sweet and precious pets full of love and patience ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ congratulations😊😊

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