Grown-up pitbull still thinks she’s daddy’s little girl 837

I rescued a 4 mo. old tricolor pit with a broken leg laying beside the road. He was around 20# then & insisted on always being held. Now he is 65# of chuck roast love & still insists on constant lap time. Pitties are the best! Thanks for the great storyAnnabelle certainly can jump when daddy’s calling her, but she is not going to jump thru hoops….And that’s that…love that about herSo glad two puppies stayed together. It’s so hard to give them away when you would love to keep them all. This whole video is the sweetest thing ever. Had me smiling the whole time.I mean it in a good way, when I say she looks spoiled rotten. That face, like, “This is my daddy.” ”If you train them, and socialize them, and treat them like family they will end up being the greatest dog you’ve ever had”…amen brother. Truer words have never been spoken my friend. Beautiful pups also! That’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen she will always be daddys little girl even when she’s old and gray that’s what pure love is 🤍What this man said about Bully breeds… Spot on! I miss my Pitt bull/Shepard mix dog Hannah. She passed away in 2019. It took me about two years to be ready to love another dog. Then my current dog Onyx, a Boston terrier pug mix, came into my life and let me tell you it’s helped my heart heal even though you can’t replace a dog. I LOVE the way Norman jumped through the hoop in the last clip. He looked like a gazelle by the way he tucked his legs underneath himself. The most graceful jump ever. Perfection! Good job, Norman! Such a good boy.Those kids are an absolute treasures… As the proud owner of my own baby girl (right here in my profile picture) I can say without a doubt she will always be my little baby no matter how old she gets. She and her two brothers have been together since birth and they look out for each other for sure.

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