Grown-up pitbull still thinks she’s daddy’s little girl 393

That’s one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen she will always be daddys little girl even when she’s old and gray that’s what pure love is My son has a dog that looks amazingly like Annabelle. He is a combat Marine veteran and that dog has been instrumental in his ability to have a life and improve with his therapy from his brain injury. I find that “pitbulls” are very loving and intuitive and their muscular strength makes them perfect for veteran support. Thank you for showing just how beautiful and loving these dogs are with their people “If you train them socialize them treat them like family” they will be the best dog…this statement is so true for any dog. Bully breeds get a bad rap, but as with any dog you have to train it. A lot of people who own a dog don’t understand this fact.

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