Grieving mama dog adopts kittens after losing her puppies 2,118

My puppies smell wrong and their teeth are too pointy but I’ll have you know they are the most perfect puppies in the world That’s one of the strongest dogs I’ve ever seen.She survived living at a gas station, over came losing her puppies, and beat cancer It’s so precious to see how Georgia was able to overcome her grief and trauma by taking care of kittens that needed a mother figure. Also I love the fact that she ended up adopted into the same home as one of her cats. sometimes the way I see a dog act around a friend or family member who died, of whatever species, it seems like they just can’t accept that they’re dead, or their love and loyalty are too strong…I’m recalling a video of two stray dogs, in the highway, one had been hit by a car and died. The other dog should have left the dangerous place but instead stayed there and kept trying to coax its friend to wake up Yeah, they took the dead puppies away too soon, she did not have time to “grieve”. Maybe they didn’t want to run the chance of her eating the dead puppies, as they sometimes do with still borns. true but still, that has nothing to do with this comment. This comment was supposed to be for showing empathy towards the dog and her loss of her puppies, not “gross”. Plus, the dog didn’t even eat her puppies, they passed due to being under premies and were underweight, in total, a miscarriage. That has nothing to do with the dog eating her puppies or that comment, it was simply rude

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