Grieving mama dog adopts kittens after losing her puppies 206

“My puppies smell wrong and their teeth are too pointy but I’ll have you know they are the most perfect puppies in the world.” It’s so precious to see how Georgia was able to overcome her grief and trauma by taking care of kittens that needed a mother figure. ❤️ Also I love the fact that she ended up adopted into the same home as one of her cats. Ocean of tears. Thank you to all those who helped save her and who adopted her… with one of the baby kittens. Mother’s Love have no boundaries…. Touch my heart. We should be more kind. It’s really amazing to see how fast a mother dog or cat takes to the other species young they won’t turn down a pup or a kitten sometimes even if they have a full litter but to see them care even less when they’ve lost their own is just beautiful because to them the kitten or pup is now family and they don’t care if they bark or moew all that matters is that now that bark or moew means that their baby and near and mammas happy

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