Golden Retriever Tries to Make Friends with Tiny Kitten! 12,753

I’m pretty sure Buddy and the new kitten will be good friends soon; the latter is still afraid and it’s normal for his age. 😁🥰That dog’s face is so beautiful. He has such sweet and friendly eyes. He just wants to be besties with the kitten. What a cute video.Aww… poor Buddy, he just wants little kitty to play! Such an adorable pooch… such a good, sweet & loving, gentle soul! ❤❤I love how even dogs think that a kitten hissing and acting tough is adorable 🤣Golden retrievers: just about as dangerous as a cup of warm milk on a rainy day. The warmest blanket with a heartbeat you could ever hope for ❤❤❤❤❤ ADORABLE!!🥰🐈 Amazing patience on dog’s part. Kitten just owned him! Likely couldn’t pry them apart now.🤗😂That little tail!!! ❤❤❤So spicy and yet so flipping adorable lolI hope that the tiny claws won’t hurt the dog. Little Kittens have there own personality 🤣🥰😂That little kitten knows how to stand their ground. ” I’m not afraid of you big dog ” 😊😊Aww such a beautiful dog! Gotta love his gentleness with the kitty even after she whacked him a few times. ❤️ The doggie just wants to play however he seems too know the kitty is a baby. Both cuties ❤Awesome video footage. Am truly in love with the golden retriever. It’s remarkably loving ❤😊🎉This is exactly how I act at the bar when there’s a young lady I’m interested in.It’s funny how gentle he’s being. That cat probably doesn’t even weigh as much as his tail, but he’s not doing anything endanger the kittenAwwwww. We had a beautiful lab/awesome mix that was quite good with our black cat jazz. A few years later, Jazz had passed away and I adopted another black kitty named Binx. Binx jumped out of that cat carrier like he owned the place and we laughed so hard because our sweet Sadi was afraid of that tiny kitty. 😂😂😂 It didn’t take long for them to be the best of snuggle buddies. When either one of us took Sadi for a walk, Binx came along too.

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