Golden Retriever Shocked by a Kitten occupying his bed! 2,921

The fact that he’s having a complete tantrum about sharing his bed is hilarious and baby kitten looking like come on in there’s plenty of room  too too cute The cats little silent hisses  so precious, the both of them. At times, I honestly couldn’t tell if the dog was actually upset or just happy to be playing this new game of “gotcha bed”That cat is a prodigy. She’s already learned the greatest cat art: how to take up the entirety of a soft surface with minimal effort and still end up cuddling.This is heart-warming and funny. The dog caught in two minds: anxious and fretful about a stranger in his bed, but mindful and careful not to scare the kitten. The little kitten blissful in its innocence and delightfully playful. They will become great friends.This is one of the best post ever! His tantrum was hilarious and adorable. I love the kittens confidence btw. They are going the be best buddies i am sure of it !Siempre con la cama , pero ya klo he comentado y pido el publico de habla hispana que por favor convenzamos a los papis de los perritos para que los saquen a pasear al campo , playa donde ellos crean conveniente es bueno para la salud de ellos entrenar ejercitarse , aire puro y también para hacer nuevos videos estos últimamente parecen ya una telenovela muy parecidos los capítulos un saludos y muy hermosos los perros y gaticos.I love how the kitten isn’t even taking him serious.  All the while he’s being so gentle in trying to remove it from his bed.

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