Golden Retriever meets his new puppy sister 628

The dogs first reaction was looking at the lady and the bag back n fourth like “really?!” Friends at first sight. ❤️Awww he can probably recognize his mom’s scent on her! It’s so awesome that you could get a full sibling ❤️I love how every dog owner voices their dog’s thoughts, and I can’t wait to someday have a dog of my own so that I can be their narratorI love how gentle he is with her. You can tell he really wants to play but he is super careful to not actually make contact with her.That was the cutest thing. Boomer’s going to think he’s getting another sibling every time his owners come home with a bag from now on 😂 This is just so sweet… for Boomer to be able to meet and live with his full-blood sister😭 Wish you guys much happiness for a long, long time to come❤️How sweet was that? I just love it.Those are such beautiful dog’s. Just keep on living them forever. ❤It’s like surprising your kid with a baby human and theyre so excited about it 😂❤That is just enchanting! Golden Retrievers are so gentle and warm hearted! No jealousy there..Lol Boomer is acting more like a puppy than the actual puppy 😋🐕🐕

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