Golden retriever doesn’t want to bury its friend Dog’s sincere feelings Smart dog 630

This clip broke my heart and brought me to tears. The love this dog shared and expressed for his buddy was so beautiful and amazing. The sadness in the dogs eyes truly hurt. I’m so sorry for the loss.As a grown man with a solid heart of stone thru years of humans failing me, this really set my emotions on a heart of softness. This broke me into a million pieces. The whole video is interesting because of the dog and his behavior towards his friend. And in the end it gets even more touching, ours burst into tears, because he understood that his friend won’t come back. My heart felt his heart’s sadness over the loss of his paw mate. The gravedigger demonstrated much love, respect and compassion in giving the dog his moment to try and reconcile it all. I lost it when he tried to arouse his friend by pushing on his friend with his paw. After the burial, his eyes kept blinking and my tears flooded even more. We, humans, could learn many lessons from our fur babies. I hope he has another friend to help him manage the sadness better.Just because we can’t see the tears of his buddy doesn’t mean he isn’t devasted inside poor lil puppy, rest in paradise, run happily in God’s green windy pastures with blue skys & bright sun in doggy heaven, one day you’ll see & play with your friend again

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