Golden retriever doesn’t want to bury its friend Dog’s sincere feelings Smart dog 2,598

This clip broke my heart and brought me to tears. The love this dog shared and expressed for his buddy was so beautiful and amazing. The sadness in the dogs eyes truly hurt. I’m so sorry for the loss.As a grown man with a solid heart of stone thru years of humans failing me, this really set my emotions on a heart of softness. This broke me into a million pieces. He tried to revive the poor baby with chest compressions where the heart actually is. Animals honestly are so beyond intelligent. They deserve to be treated as such.Absolutely emotionally heartbreaking to see such grief, but necessary I imagine to serve as a reminder how intuitive and intelligent these precious animals are. Me parte el corazón comprobar la gran tristeza y pena que siente éste ser adorable por la pérdida de su amigo. Es desolador y muy emocionante a un tiempo. Benditos animales nobles, fieles, llenos de amor.Pobrecito…se lo vé tan triste y perdido…me conmovió y recorde cuando enterramos a nuestro labrador retriever de 18 años y luego a nuestra bichon frise, lado a lado…ambos en nuestra prooiedad.

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