Golden Retriever Confused by Cat Play 915

Bless. The look on poor Bailey’s face is priceless. He just couldn’t fathom it out. Lol. That just made my night absolutely adorable both Simon and Bailey. Simon having time off his life playing with his new toy . The expression on Baileys face was priceless he wanted too join in with the fun ? Wasn’t quite sure how Simon was trying too show Bailey didn’t get it because it’s for kitty  cats. Bless his heart  Bailey tried is best too join in with Simon you can tell they love each other  Bailey: ” I wish i was a cat, so i can play with this weird toy!” I love Baileys curiosity! Golden Retriever Confused by Cat Play! Be sure to subscribe, make sure to enable ALL push notifications! and leave your comments under this video I love Bailey’s curiosity so much! I recognized his confused look immediately – it’s the same one I had on my face every single day during Calculus. And my math teacher looked at me like the cat looks at Bailey. Funny video, but my main take from it is both Dora and Kitty look noticeably bigger than last time. I also think it’s great how comfortable Dora is with Bailey, no matter how loud he barks. Bailey es un amor, quiere participar en el juego pero no puede su pata es demasiado grande

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