Golden Retriever and Husky Welcomes Cute Baby Kittens 207

These doggos make good parents for the kitties That is so cute, bless em al  That’s really lovely the very cute kittens , the cat, the dogs live together happily let the kittens, the cat, and the dogs live healthy and happy also stay safe always They’re all cute on their own, now when they’re together it’s an OD waiting to happen lol  Sweet little family. Momma had 3 little fluffy marshmallows.  Whe had always dogs and cats together ,all my life ,They are family,thru thick and thin,,,Its so Loyalty and Royalty at the same time,Baby Marshmallow fluffballs!! AWWW…actually insanely CUTE!!! Yes…Kawaii, I gotta they are very very very beautiful in fact all cats are beautiful  Every day I feed stray cats, try to heal them, neuter them I will spread this all over the world  This is such a beautiful and sweet video. The golden retriever and husky love the kittens and their mom. Kittens in any home with both cats and dogs to other neighborhood cats “Don’t mess around with me or I’ll tell my big brothers!” After hearing that 1820 people died today here in the UK from the covid virus. This just what I really needed to watch two beautifully sweet hearted dogs looking after some really gorgeous kittens something else lovely to see. Hope that these babies get good homes. They are so cute and the dogs are amazing. I was wondering if those are rescue kittens? I’ve seen those pets with other kittens before. To truely be an animal love, all animals need to be spayed or neutered. It keeps them healthier and they can live longer. we are not an ordinary fama_ma _ly but we can all agree that we are close as close can be!!!!!!

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