Giant Husky Tries To Save Baby From Cat!! 275

Can I just say how graceful Teddy is when he jumps in and out of the crib. He definitely would be the world champion in the Dog Olympics!! Love you too Milo, you’re the coolest cat ever!!
I’m sure you’ve been told this many times by now but Teddy is an extremely athletic dog! For his great size he has great agility! He will be the boss of your pets eventually.
People who love their dogs see them as family members and could care less about doggie kisses, doggie germs, or doggie hair!!! To us it’s just life and we love our lives with our animals!!!
Wow Teddy  Such a beautiful, healthy, active, spirited animal. He’s got a magnificent physique. And he reached the stage where no fence or wall can keep him away.
Milo and Teddy।It’s great to see them playing, both are playing with great fun, very funny, We are feeling very happy to see these two having fun watching them play.

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