Giant Husky Meets A Cow Up Close And Personal! It’s So Strange To Watch! 445

ıt’s fascinating to watch animals interact with each other. These two surely were intrigued by the encounter! Teddy is such a predictable dog haha
Teddy is so calm around livestock. Whether it’s sheep, cows or goats, he always wants to be their friend and give kisses  You’re such a sweet boy, Teddy Bear!
Aw Teddy is such a sweetheart. Making a new friend along the way. Whenever you would speak, the cow was looking at Teddy like \”what is she saying? Where you heading to anyway? There’s greener pastures a mile down.\” Then you left without saying bye to the cow. Again, on the way back, I thought, oh no! she didn’t say bye to the cow!! Lol

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