Giant Cat Meets Baby For The First Time! Watch Their Bond Grow! (Cutest Ever!!) 775

Milo meets little Nathan for the first time and he is very curious. Watch s he transitions from a scaredy cat to a loving fluffy rug haha. Milo has been through this before with Amelia even down to wearing matching outfits with her so he knows the score, still he was very cautious at first. Now he’s taken to stealing all Nathan’s stuff as per usual of course. He loves to snooze with Nathan and watch over him, especially when the dogs come in. I swear they argue over who can be beside the baby! Oh I LOVE that cat! He scopes out the baby bed then looks around to see if he’ll get caught. He’s so nonchalant beside baby Nathan and cuddles but deep down he likes anything that’s baby bed related. My heart melted when Amelia came beside Nathan and was so gentle rubbing his little head. You have a whole lot of love in your house. I love how slow and deliberate Milo was at first. Then when he started licking him it was like saying ok Master Nathan, I got you too. I liked when he would look into the bassinet I’m assuming to make sure the baby was ok. Mama Neeks as always just checking in to make sure everything is ok Wow. Milo was very skittish when he first met Amelia, but once he realized that she liked to cuddle and take naps, they became friends. Now, with Nathan, he knows that this baby will soon like naps just as much as him. Plus he can sleep on all the baby stuff again

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