German Shepherd Reacts to Baby Ducklings Bathing in the Pool 568

How cute, Rocky wants to be friends with them but they are all running away from him

.Gosh, I just want to wrap my arms around Rocky and give him such a hug, he seems to sweet gentle and alert.I get that the dog’s just curious, but the ducklings are probably freaking out wondering who’s going to be eaten first. It’s kind of like when a great white shark is just bumping you and circling cause he’s just curious about the skinny little creature in his enviroment. He’s probably not hostile and if he takes a little nip it’s more for gathering information than trying to have a meal. …….But it’s not fun for the people!!!!! Aaawwww They are scared of him at first and he is being sooo sweet and gentle. At least they swim towards him by the end. Good boy Rocky.

I have always loved the gentle curiosity of a well-behaved German Shepherd!!

“Don’t be scared, guys! I’m here to protect you, I wanna make sure nobody drowns!”

 he’s so cute

Rocky is such a sweet boy

he’s very curious the first picture I saw of Rocky as tiny pup was with his little head sticking out curious about Bailey, like he is with the ducklings

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