German Shepherd Puppy Wakes Up Owner [Cutest Alarm Clock Ever] 202

Could seriously watch what she does all day, she is so fluffy and cute and those ears

What a beautiful alarm clock! She’s absolutely gorgeous and look at those ears…

Such a cute and loving puppy! She must be well taken care of and given lots of love and cuddles. Here’s to a long, loving, and healthy life! Cuteness overload

Seems Jessie can’t get enough of daddy

She really does her best to wake him up. At the end she is tired too and enjoys to cuddle with daddy

My puppy used to jump on the bed, throw her arms around me and shower me with kisses every morning. 14 years later I wake her up the same way lol. “Dad, you don’t need to take a shower. I will clean you up!” That’s so adorable!

I want to pet Jessie, her fur looks so fluffy. She’s only a puppy, but you can tell she will be very protective of her owners when she’s fully grown. Jessie is such an amazing “alarm clock”…



Not only are you awakened, but your showered and given lots of cuddles before your feet even hit the floor!!

. What a sweetheart she is, and she sure does love her Daddy…

. This is such a sweet video, thanks for sharing!! Blessings to everyone…

– Ann Being woken up by Jessie is almost a guarantee of a wonderful day; pure love from a furry angel.

Small disadvantage: no snooze button, and programming alater waking time for the week-end is also a bit difficult …

Big advantage: you can sit atthe breakfast table with a cleanface without having been tothe bathroom before!

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