German Shepherd Puppy and Kitten Playing [TRY NOT TO LAUGH] 194

Lovin’ the retriever checking on them, saying “ok, break it up you guys!” Lovin’ the kitten showing its belly and those ears on the puppy. Their cuteness knows no bounds! My favorite parts were the golden retriever being the overly-concerned parent hovering over the kids to make sure the roughhousing doesn’t go too far 😆 So freaking cute and the golden comes over to supervise to make sure they don’t get out of hand. I love animals. They are pure innocence, joy , and 😘💕 love This is what you need to watch in the morning to start your day just right!! 😍🥰 Aww, they’re so cute playing together!❤ Ah, the joys and tribulations of playtime 😂. Looks like all had a fun time ☺️❤️. Puppy ears too cute ❤️. Como são amigos!! A casa deve ser uma alegria com essas figuras!! LINDA família de 4 patas!❤🧡💛 These two will be inseparable, they will grow up doing everything together ❤ 3 wonderful companions to take you through life…and I’m sure they are just as blessed to have you as caretakers. It doesn’t get much better than that.

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